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In low trafficked asphalt and bitumen sealed pavements, oxidation, cracking, and general deterioration of the pavement, has more to do with environmental influences such as, the weather, exposure to the sun’s Ultra Violet light. Under these conditions, rehabilitation and longevity of the pavement is more often simply the need to REJUVENATE and SEAL the existing pavement.
The aim of rejuvenation is to increase the quality and quantity of asphalt/bitumen binder and to seal hair type cracks and air voids in an existing sealed surface. This treatment is an economical method of extending the life of a distressed and oxidized asphalt/bitumen pavement.
The rejuvenation agent replenishes the plasticizing fraction of asphalt/bitumen (the glue holding everything together) lost through oxidation/ageing.

Rejuvenation is an excellent preventive maintenance treatment. It is not capable however of rejuvenating a pavement which has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer structurally sound. Therefore, Rejuvenation is most effectively used before pavements begin to show dramatic effects of age and exposure to the elements. Before a rejuvenation treatment, any areas where there is structural failure should have asphalt patching done at least 1 week prior to rejuvenation of the entire pavement.

On the day of the treatment, any dirt or foreign material should be removed from the pavement surface by sweeping or compressed air before applying the rejuvenation agent.

Rejuvenation can reseal, revitalize and make your pavement look new again.