Need A Long-Term Solution For Your Sinking Concrete?

There Is A Long Term Fix For Your Sinking Concrete Slabs, Without The Cost Of Removal & Reconstruction.

Over time, your concrete slabs can become unstable and one or more of these sections will sink, due to changes in the underlying soil that can lead to settlement and create voids beneath the slab.

This can be due to poor foundations, poor water drainage, a shift in the ground, a heavy load sitting on one section or a large vehicle having been repetitively driven or parked on that section.

Slab Jacking – Concrete Jacking – Pressure Grouting – Mud Jacking – Concrete Slab Lifting – Stabilising 

Whatever you like to call it, it is the easy long-term fix, that is reported to last between 8-10 years.

Where You Have Sinking Concrete Areas, Slab Jacking Is Used To Lift, Elevate Or Level Your Sinking Concrete Slab Back To Its Original Position.

This is done by pumping a mixture of water and cement beneath the sunken concrete slab to raise it back to where it is meant to be

Slab Jacking or Stabilising corrects the differences in the levels between concrete slabs which stabilises (stops from moving) rocking slabs.


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