Asphalt itself, when laid correctly, nature-caused issues aside, tends to last a very long time.

But if it is damaged you should have it repaired before it turns into a much larger problem, resulting in the possible need for an entire replacement.

Damage to Asphalt can have many causes, leading to several possible issues that will require attention.

There are natural causes, which we cannot really prevent, such as sun damage, from the UV rays, oxidation or earth settlement.

But there are also preventable causes of damage to asphalt, such as: 

  • Water: When that water sits on top of the road causes small cracks in the surface, water can then get into the underlying soil structure. The water can then cause the underlying soil to become weaker, allowing the traffic to fatigue and break the now poorly supported asphalt, leaving it in need of repair. 
  • Traffic: Of course, traffic itself is a common cause of wear and tear; the continuous stress caused by large vehicles and trucks can often lead to cracks and potholes. 
  • Incorrect Initial Construction: Issues can also arise if the job was not done correctly in the first place. If the asphalt mixture was not right, if it was not laid correctly or not enough or too little was used… These mistakes can lead to cracks, uneven roads or the asphalt crumbling. 
  • Oil Leaks: Oil stains for oil leaks can damage the top layers of the asphalt. If left for too long, oil can make asphalt very hard to remove or repair.

Whatever the cause, it is important to treat/repair your asphalt as soon as possible, to lessen further damage. 

You also need a reliable company, who will do the job right.

We are that company. 

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