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Making The Most Of This Time

It Could Be A Good Time To Get Things Done At Home

These Can Be Confusing Times.

Some are scared, some just don’t know what to do with themselves and then there are the essential services who just have to power through whilst we all do our best to live by social distancing and self isolation for those who can.

But We Can Choose To Count Our Blessings & Find Silver Linings Where They Might Be.

Spending quality family time, doing that project you never had time for, learning a language or writing a book…

These times of staying home could also be the perfect time to have that driveway done.

We offer the highest quality of Asphalt Laying Services, Asphalt Repairs, Asphalt Paving & Asphalt & Bitumen Driveway services in Sydney.

For A Brand New Driveway Or A Driveway Repair, In Sydney, With Zero Contact Or Covid 19 Risk, Click Here.


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Bitumen Driveway Sealing

Driveway Spray Seal – Bitumen Seal – Chip Seal

Have Your Driveway Bitumen Spray Sealed

A layer of binder is sprayed onto your driveway or pavement surface, making your driveway or pavement surface waterproof.

Bitumen Spay Sealing Can Prevent Water & Sunlight From Causing You Problems With Your Driveway.

Your bitumen sealing will also help with repelling oil spills and make it easier to clean.

Bitumen is know for waterproofing and it’s use as an adhesive, Bitumen is processed in different ways, depending on what it is to be used for.

Did you know that bitumen is actually found in nature? Although we generally create the Bitumen that is used industrially.

Bitumen Is 100% Recyclable.

The majority of Bitumen is used as a binder in asphalt pavements for roads and airfields.

For road paving, bitumen is mixed to produce asphalt, which is the most commonly used road surface in the world.

Bitumen is also used in waterproofing, water pipe coating/ sealing, roofing and roofing shingles, because of bitumen having waterproofing properties. 

Click Here For More Information On Bitumen Sealing & Driveways Sydney


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Potholes Cause Damage To Your Vehicle & Cause Accidents

Potholes Can Cause Costly Damage To Your Vehicle, Or Worse….

Aside from damaging your shocks or suspension, potholes can push you off course, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

With any additional poor road conditions, this can lead to very serious car, motorcycle or truck accidents.

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Asphalt Sydney

To Create The Smoothest Surface For Driving You Need To Use Asphalt.

Asphalt roads are safer and provide a better contact for your vehicle with the road surface.

During wet weather, Asphalt Roads create less splash and spray and makes it less likely for you to crash on the highways.

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Car Park Line Marking

In Sydney’s Fast Paced Traffic & Lifestyle, Accurate Line Marking Is So Important.

There are many different markings that you might need when constructing a car park.

These markings and/or signage make a car park safer and easier to use.

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Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen Spray Sealing is achieved by spraying a thin film of bituminous binder on to a road surface, and then covering it with a layer of aggregate.

The bituminous binder acts as a waterproofing layer and prevents any water from entering the underlying road structure.

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