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AMC0 Prime and AMC00 Prime

AMC0 Prime” or “AMC00 PrimeCutback Bitumen Primes are an essential part of any flexible pavement design.

A Prime:

  • Is The Initial Treatment To Prepare The Surface For Any Subsequent Spray Seal Or Asphalt Layer
  • Provides A Surface For Subsequent Treatments To Bond To
  • Assists In Waterproofing The Pavement
  • Penetrates The Surface Of The Prepared Pavement
  • Settles The Road Base & Deals With Surface Dust
  • Minimise The Drain-Down Of Binder From Overlying Spray Seals Into The Base
  • Forms The Basis For The Performance Of Any Future Spray Seal Or Asphalt Layer
  • Should Be Used With Any New Flexible Pavement
  • Should Be Allowed To Cure For A Minimum Of 2 -3 Days, Prior To Any Spray Or Asphalt Seal

Once cured, the primed surface should be hard, dry and have a black to dark brown appearance.

The Success Of Priming Relies On:

  • The Preparation & Finished Condition Of Base Materials
  • Selection Of An Appropriate Primer
  • Selection Of appropriate Application Rates
  • Suitable Weather Conditions
  • Application Procedures

Generally, primers are applied at rates between 0.5 and 1.1 L/m2

Priming pavements that are too damp will prevent penetration of the primer.

They may require excessive time to dry and cure, and residue left on the surface may affect the next treatment.

The road base to be primed should be well compacted and firm. The surface should be allowed to dry out on top and to a depth of 5–10 mm in order to allow the prime to penetrate into the pavement pores and provide a strong bond for the final treatment.

A loose and powdery base will not allow the prime to be effective.

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Line Marking

Sydney Line Marking Machine - Line Marking

Road Surgeons offers a comprehensive line marking service for Sydney including; Line marking, line removal, commercial/factory/warehouse line marking, car park line marking.

Car Park Line Marking

  • Loading bays
  • Disabled bays
  • Business logos
  • Reserved
  • Lane creation
  • Bollard highlighting
  • Number and letters

Road & Freeways

  • Laneways
  • Speed humps
  • Zebra Crossings
  • Raised pavement markings
  • No parking zones

Commercial & Factory

  • Loading zones
  • Safety walkways for factories
  • Storage areas

Sports Fields & School

  • Professional Clubs
  • Netball courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Handball courts
  • School quads
  • Gymnasiums
  • Football pitches
  • Cricket pitches

Line marking is necessary for clear delineation of parking areas and the direction of traffic, in any busy or shared road or pavement.


We Provide:

  • The Highest Quality Line Marking Services
  • Safe Delivery
  • The Use Of Premium Equipment & Materials

We pride ourselves in our experience and ability to fulfil our client’s line marking needs.

We complete all of our work safely and efficiently, in the highest quality and within the time frame and budget that was agreed upon.

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Reseal, Revitalize & Make Your Pavement Look New Again With Our Rejuvenation Services.

In Asphalt and Bitumen Sealed Pavements, in low trafficked areas, oxidation, cracking, and general deterioration of the pavement has more to do with environmental influences; such as the weather and exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light.

Under these conditions, rehabilitation and longevity of the pavement is more often simply the need to Rejuvenate and Seal the existing pavement.

Rejuvenation Increases The Quality & Quantity Of Asphalt/Bitumen Binder, Sealing Tiny Cracks & Air Voids In An Existing Sealed Surface.

This economical treatment method extends the life of a distressed and oxidized asphalt/bitumen pavement.

The rejuvenation agent replenishes the plasticizing fraction of asphalt/bitumen (the glue holding everything together) that was lost through oxidation/ageing.

Rejuvenation Is An Excellent Preventive Maintenance Treatment.

It is not capable, however, of rejuvenating a pavement which has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer structurally sound.

Therefore, Rejuvenation is most effectively used before pavements begin to show dramatic effects of age and exposure to the elements.

At least one week prior to a rejuvenation treatment, any areas where there is structural failure should have asphalt patching done.

On the day of the treatment, any dirt or foreign material should be removed from the pavement surface by sweeping, or by the use of compressed air, before applying the rejuvenation agent.

Have Our Sydney Asphalt Contractors Rejuvenate Whilst Your Asphalt Problem Is Small, Avoiding Larger Costs In The Future.

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Asphalt Paving – Sydney


Asphalt Paving – The Most Cost-Effective Method For Making Strong, Durable, Waterproof, Sealed Pavements.

When It Comes To Safety & Quality Workmanship There Is No Better Asphalt Paving Service Than Our Road Surgeon’s Asphalt Contractors Sydney.

With versatile design strategies and a large range of Asphalt Services, our professionals will meet all of your asphalt requirements & specifications.

Call us today for a free quote.

Servicing a variety of clients throughout Sydney, we are the local specialists in:

  • Asphalt Paving & Bitumen Sydney
  • Asphalt Repairs & Sealing Sydney
  • Asphalt Laying Services Sydney
  • Asphalt Driveway Repairs Sydney

Completed On Time & To Your Satisfaction, You Are Sure To Be Satisfied With Our Professional Services.


  • Driveways
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts


  • Train Line & Tramline
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • School Yards – Play Areas


  • Car Parks/Roads
  • Public Areas
  • Sporting/recreational grounds


  • Car Parks
  • Driveways
  • Factories
  • Hotel Car Parks


Contact Road Surgeons For Your Cost-Effective, Quality, Full-Service Solutions For Roadways, Carparks & Driveways.


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Asphalt Crack Sealing – Sydney

Crack Sealing 2

What Is Crack Sealing?

As it sounds, crack sealing is where we seal the cracks in asphalt and bitumen sealing.

Our Asphalt Contractors use specialised materials to bond the walls of the crack, whilst giving it the flexibility to move as the pavement expands and contracts, crack sealing prevents water and debris from getting in.

Why Do We Seal The Cracks?

Crack Sealing is done to prevent the water getting into the substructure of the pavement.

Once water gets into the sub base of the pavement it will cause it to soften and become unstable.

Unsealed cracks may either slowly widen or accelerate the propagation of crocodile cracks.

Unsealed cracks lead to various pavement issues, potholes and complete pavement failure.

The use of crack sealing on a pavement before asphalt resheeting or bituminous resealing slows and greatly reduces the possibility of reflective cracking on the new pavement layer.

This again extends the life of the pavement.

If carried out early enough crack sealing gives you more time before the need for more expensive maintenance and the eventual need for pavement reconstruction.

What Type Of Cracks Are Suitable For Sealing?

  • Longitudinal Cracks/Joints.
  • Transverse Cracks/Joints.
  • Meandering Cracks.
  • Diagonal Cracks.
  • Crescent Shaped Cracks.
  • Block Cracking When The Pavement Structure Is Still Firm.
  • Minor Crocodile Cracking, Where There Is No Base Deformation And The Wearing Surface Is Not Loose.

Crack Preparation?

Cracks must always be dry.

Depending on; the type of crack, desired service life, serviceability and budget; crack preparation may involve any combination of the following;

  • Weed poisoning.
  • Raking or ripping
  • Power routing.
  • Blowing out with compressed air.

Excessively deep cracks may also be packed with backing rod prior to sealing.

Generally cracks need to be blown with compressed air to clean the crack of loose material, which may prevent bonding of the sealant.

What Type Of Materials Are Suitable For Crack Sealing?

For the best performance and cost effectiveness, a hot applied rubber modified bitumen sealant will always yield the best results.


All Pavement Management Systems should include a suitable crack sealing program.

Implementing a crack sealing program allows greater utilisation of your pavement maintenance budget.

Crack Sealing Works Effectively As Both Preventive & Routine Maintenance.

With an effective crack sealing regime you will be able to prevent water from deteriorating your pavement sub-bases and prevent the need for expensive unnecessary patching and reconstruction.

Crack Sealing of residential streets usually first requires cleaning cracks with compressed air.


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Asphalt Patching & Asphalt Repairs Sydney

Beautiful New Asphalt Sydney - Road Surgeons

Sydney’s Asphalt Patching & Asphalt Repair Services

Prevent Further Deterioration & Avoid Huge Repair Expenses With Our Asphalt Repair Services.

When an asphalt or bitumen spray sealed pavement is damaged, broken or old and cracked, it is no longer sealed properly.

This allows water into the sub base and softens it, leading to further failure of the pavement. Once this has occurred it is necessary to excavate the damaged area and have it replaced with a new hot mixed asphalt patch. 

Our experienced servicemen will determine the proper patching technique and materials, based on the extent of the damage that is to be repaired.

Pothole Repairs Sydney

A pothole is not only an inconvenience and an eyesore – Potholes can ruin your tyres and can cause injuries to pedestrians or bike riders.

Potholes Become A Much More Costly Repair If They Are Not Fixed In Time.

Once you have a pothole, it takes in water that then sinks into the sub base, causing greater and more costly damage, which will only increase as time goes on.

Quality Asphalt Solutions For The Pothole In Your Driveway, Parking Lot Or Roadways.

We are equipped with the tools and experience to provide you with a timely, professional pothole repair service for your driveway, parking lot or road.

Road Surgeons’ Asphalt Contractors Deliver Cost-Effective, Quality, Full-Service Solutions For Roadways, Carparks & Driveways In Sydney.


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