Making The Most Of This Time

Some are scared, some just don’t know what to do with themselves and then there are the essential services who just have to power through whilst we all do our best to live by social distancing and self isolation for those who can.

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Bitumen Driveway Sealing

Driveway Spray Seal - Bitumen Seal - Chip Seal Have Your Driveway Bitumen Spray Sealed.  A layer of binder is sprayed onto your driveway or pavement surface, making your driveway or pavement surface waterproof. Bitumen Spay Sealing Can Prevent Water & Sunlight...

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Potholes Cause Damage To Your Vehicle & Cause Accidents

Potholes Can Cause Costly Damage To Your Vehicle, Or Worse.... Aside from damaging your shocks or suspension, potholes can push you off course, causing you to lose control of your vehicle. With any additional poor road conditions, this can lead to very serious car,...

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Asphalt Sydney

To Create The Smoothest Surface For Driving You Need To Use Asphalt. Asphalt roads are safer and provide a better contact for your vehicle with the road surface. During wet weather, Asphalt Roads create less splash and spray and makes it less likely for you to crash...

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Car Park Line Marking

In Sydney’s Fast Paced Traffic & Lifestyle, Accurate Line Marking Is So Important. There are many different markings that you might need when constructing a car park. These markings and/or signage make a car park safer and easier to use. From marking out a safe...

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Bitumen Spray Sealing

Bitumen Spray Sealing is achieved by spraying a thin film of bituminous binder on to a road surface, and then covering it with a layer of aggregate. The bituminous binder acts as a waterproofing layer and prevents any water from entering the underlying road structure....

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Asphalt & Bitumen Repairs Sydney

Prevent Further Deterioration & Avoid Huge Repair Costs By Acting Now If your asphalt or bitumen spray sealed pavement or driveway is damaged or old and cracked, it is no longer sealed properly. This allows water to get into the sub base, causing softening and for...

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Need A Long-Term Solution For Your Sinking Concrete?

There Is A Long Term Fix For Your Sinking Concrete Slabs, Without The Cost Of Removal & Reconstruction. Over time, your concrete slabs can become unstable and one or more of these sections will sink, due to changes in the underlying soil that can lead to...

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Concrete Pavement Structural Distress

Structural distress affects the concrete/ pavements ability to take the needed traffic. Cracking and joint deterioration are the most common structural distresses, there are many and varied types of cracks that can occur; mostly due to environment and weather. For...

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How Do Roads Get Damaged?

Asphalt itself, when laid correctly, nature-caused issues aside, tends to last a very long time. But if it is damaged you should have it repaired before it turns into a much larger problem, resulting in the possible need for an entire replacement. Damage to Asphalt...

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