Sydney’s Asphalt Patching & Asphalt Repair Services

Prevent Further Deterioration & Avoid Huge Repair Expenses With Our Asphalt Repair Services.

When an asphalt or bitumen spray sealed pavement is damaged, broken or old and cracked, it is no longer sealed properly.

This allows water into the sub base and softens it, leading to further failure of the pavement. Once this has occurred it is necessary to excavate the damaged area and have it replaced with a new hot mixed asphalt patch. 

Our experienced servicemen will determine the proper patching technique and materials, based on the extent of the damage that is to be repaired.

Pothole Repairs Sydney

A pothole is not only an inconvenience and an eyesore – Potholes can ruin your tyres and can cause injuries to pedestrians or bike riders.

Potholes Become A Much More Costly Repair If They Are Not Fixed In Time.

Once you have a pothole, it takes in water that then sinks into the sub base, causing greater and more costly damage, which will only increase as time goes on.

Quality Asphalt Solutions For The Pothole In Your Driveway, Parking Lot Or Roadways.

We are equipped with the tools and experience to provide you with a timely, professional pothole repair service for your driveway, parking lot or road.

Road Surgeons’ Asphalt Contractors Deliver Cost-Effective, Quality, Full-Service Solutions For Roadways, Carparks & Driveways In Sydney.

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